Air Travel with the Enviro Bike Box

Enviro Bike Box is excellent for Airline Travel

The Enviro Bike Box is ideal for airline travel in every aspect.

If you are looking to travel by air with your bike and equipment then you will definitely need an Enviro Bike Box. The last thing you want is any damage to occur during transit so you want to ensure your equipment is transported with care in a secure container.

1. Inexpensive compared to other bicycle cases

While weighing the same as most cardboard cases (approximately 6kg) it is more than half the weight of other plastic bike cases (average 13kg). When traveling by air every kilogram of weight counts towards the cost of transporting your equipment, having something as lightweight as the Enviro Bike Box guarantees these fees to be minimal.

2. Keeps your equipment safe from the weather

There are times between transfers, loading luggage onto and off flights, and other times during air travel when your case will be exposed to the weather. Inclement weather can wreak havoc on cardboard cases and even plastic cases that aren’t secured. The Enviro Bike Box is completely waterproof and can handle the wet conditions without any problem, ensuring your equipment stays nice and dry.

3. Provides security and stability

One of the major risks when using air travel to transport your bike is the potential for damage during turbulence, poor luggage handling and general impacts to your travel case. The Enviro Bike Box comes with reinforced (extra 3 layers) corners to prevent damage and using flexible material so any trauma from impact is dissipated before it can affect the contents.

Additionally, the bicycle and equipment inside can be stabilized with elastic Velcro straps and wheel envelopes. This firmly holds the bike but allows shock absorption if there are any bumps along the way.


Off to Hainan, Enviro Bike Box keeping our equipment secure and making the airport negotiation easy. #airportlife

Posted by IsoWhey Sports – Swiss Wellness p/b Cervélo on Monday, October 23, 2017

4. Accepted by most major airlines

Most major airlines, such as Qantas Airlines and Virgin Airlines, accept Enviro Bike Boxes without any problems. The boxes themselves are treated as over-sized luggage and are stored as such. Enviro Bike Boxes range from 1400x300x800mm to 1600x300x800mm and 1800x300x800mm; all these sizes are accepted by most major airlines.

5. Transport more for less

You’ll find that most cases are rigid and only fit your bicycle. This means you will have to pack all your other equipment separately and be charged additional fees for the extra space it will take up. The Enviro Bike Box has plenty of space for you to fill the remainer of the case with peripherals and small equipment and the lightweight material allows you to pack more into it without it becoming too heavy.

6. Assemble it on the spot

Instead of transporting a fully assembled case and lugging around a heavy and inconvenient box already filled with your bike you can transport the Enviro Bike Box as a flat-pack, even have your bike out until the last minute. The Enviro Bike Box can be assembled without tools or screws, is simple and easy to set-up (here’s a short video on how to set it up) and only takes 10-15 minutes to do so!

Your bicycle as well doesn’t need to be disassembled to fit inside. Depending on the size of your bike and Enviro Bike Box (have a look at the Extendable Enviro Bike Box for an interchangable case) you can simply place the entire bicycle inside the box! You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to transporting your bike and equipment. Ensure a safe journey for your bike by using the Enviro Bike Box next time you travel.