Creative DIY Tips for your Enviro Bike Box

One of the great features of the Enviro Bike Box is that it’s 100% DIY friendly.

Most of the time when you encounter travel cases they are rigid with no structural flexibility. Our Bike Boxes on the other hand can be dismantled into individual parts, and every single part can be replaced on it’s own so you don’t have to order a new box.

When you first receive your Bike Box you’ll be familiarised with the parts and pieces, the base parts consist of 6 pieces of Twin-Plastic Board and 4 straps (plus all the accessories). It’s a minimalist design aimed at simplicity and ease so if anything does need replacing you can just order in that particular piece you need and swap it out yourself. Saves you time and money!

Here’s another big DIY bonus of the Enviro Bike Box; you can customize it however you like. You can purchase your own replacement parts or additional parts from almost any hardware store, you can use your own straps for securing the inside, you can even just fill it with pillows! The possibilities are as big as your imagination.

Protect your front fork

For example, here’s a simple idea for you to protect the front fork if you have to remove the front wheel in the box. It’s a guard made from a pool noodle and a spare piece of Twin-Plastic Board.

You can make it by following these simple steps:

1. Cut pool noodle to length small enough to fit in box but big enough to hold both parts of the bike’s front fork.
2. Most pool noodles have a hollow middle, but if not a small cut will need to be made.
3. Use any spare piece of plastic board, your box should come with a spare piece and you can cut it to size to fit in the middle of the pool noodle.
4. Push the front fork into the pool noodle until it stops at the plastic.

And that’s all there is to it, you now have a simple, cheap and highly effective shock absorber and protector for the front fork of your bike!

If you have any DIY ideas you’d like to share with the community, post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @EnviroBikeBox.