Enviro Bike Box VS Cardboard Bike Cases

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking into buying a bicycle transport case and want to pick the best one. Short answer; pick the plastic board case. Here’s a more detailed list of why you should choose the Enviro Bike Box (plastic board case) over a cardboard case.
  Enviro Bike Box Cardboard Bike Cases
Material Plastic Board Cardboard
Longevity More than 2 years Up to 4-6 trips max
Set-up time 5-10 minutes 30 minutes +
Sizes 1.4m, 1.6m & 1.8m Only 1 fixed size
Weight 5-6kg 10-15kg
Waterproof Yes No
Customizable Yes No
Add-ons Yes No
Attachable wheels Yes – easily assembled Yes – complex assembly
Stabilizers Simple elastic straps Complex ties, ropes & brackets
Price Starting from $168 Starting from $250


How long will they last me?

Standard cardboard cases can last up to 4-6 trips if you are extremely careful with them. Enviro Bike Boxes can last more than two years. Since each individual part of the plastic case is replaceable, if anything does wear out or get damaged you can replace that specific part and extend the case’s lifespan further.


Which case is stronger and more durable?

Cardboard isn’t waterproof and is far weaker than plastic board. You have to use a lot more to provide any stability which triples the weight of the case in most instances. Enviro Bike Boxes are light, strong and can withstand much harsher weather and transport conditions.


Simplicity. Which is easier to use?

If you’re in a rush or at the airport and need to set up your bicycle case quickly, a plastic board case is definitely the way to go. Enviro Bike Boxes have easy to follow instructions and all fit perfectly with minimal parts (not even any screws or bolts!). Cardboard cases on the other hand take much longer to set up and usually involve complexities such as ropes and brackets.


What sizes do they come in?

Having a case that’s adjustable depending on what you need to transport is ideal for riders with mutliple bicycles. Cardboard cases are rigid and fixed sizes, only good for the one specific bike you buy it for. The Enviro Bike Box has an adjustable size, from 1.4m to 1.8m, allowing you to swap the sizes as needed.


How much do they cost?

Enviro Bike Boxes are much cheaper to purchase, you can purchase one from $168 whereas cardboard cases start from $250. Now remember, you get over 2 years with an Enviro Bike Box (as opposed to a handful of uses), so you’re going to save even more in the long run from the continued re-use!

In every aspect the Enviro Bike Box works out better for you. Don’t just take our word for it, try it out yourself and get your very own Enviro Bike Box today! Buy today for only $168

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