Enviro Bike Box Testimonials

'The size is good, the straps good, the colour good and the material good. It’s a nice light box.'

Cycling Australia's National Technical Director Kevin Tabotta

"The Australian Track Cycling Team travels all over the world with the Enviro Bike Box. It's so light and easy to use. Much better than bags and cardboard boxes!"
-Josephine Tomic: Australian Track Cycling Team: Twice World Track Champion

"Cardboard boxes get wet and fall apart, hard cases are too heavy and bags don't offer enough protection for track bikes. The Enviro Bike Box is a great solution."
- Michael Hepburn. National Track Team and World Track Champion

"You can use the Enviro Bike Box over and over again. Just fold it up and store it flat in between trips.'
- Jack Bobridge, National Track Team and 3 x World Track Champion

"Box travelled well to Singapore. Did the job well.
A customer who used the box to travel to Singapore

" I know how good your boxes are - I have used them before as i am with the NSW Institute of sport Track cycling program
C. Kell

"I bought a bike box ! A blue one ! And at very short notice too !

So if you're reading this and thinking of getting one then do so. These things are all they're cracked up to be and more (although with the benefit of hindsight I should probably have got the wheels too).

However it's the customer service that I'm really writing about. I live in a remote country town in Far North Queensland – about as far from Berwick in Melbourne as it's possible to be while still knowing that the Saints aren't doing too well this year. As I was moving house and intending to take my bike on a plane, I found the Blue Box online and originally set out to order it there too. But with less than a week's notice I had second thoughts regarding the (notoriously slow) freight services from Melbourne to FNQ. So I called and spoke to a Lucy who also shared my concerns about freight but assured me she would do everything possible at her end to despatch it quickly and would then ride the freight company hard in order to meet my five-working-day delivery deadline. She stepped outside standard procedure to process my order directly via phone, despatched it the same day and then sent me daily emails with screenies of the freight tracking. This reduced my stress levels considerably - and even kept me from knocking back a bottle of red wine each night while I fretted about its whereabouts. The Blue Box went from Berwick to a Melbourne Depot to a Brisbane Depot to a Townsville Depot with TOLL and then backtracked about 100km south with a local freight company to where I am. And the Blue Box arrived bang on time, my bike is now in it and all is good. She was concerned and she cared. So well done Lucy."
Malcolm, Ayr QLD



Extendable Box

For the specialised user, the Extendable Bike Box offers flexibility and the protection needed.

Suitable for tandem bikes, large mountain bikes 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheels, recumbent bikes, electric bicycles and more!
Box size can be altered manually to suit 1400x300x800mm, 1600x300x800mm, or even up to '1800x300x800mm' with 3 sizes of lid and base to suit. extendable
Light weight solution - weighing between 5 and 6kg.

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