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5 Reasons to avoid Cardboard Bike Travel Cases

When you’re traveling with your bike and equipment you’ll want to invest in a container for protection and ease. There are quite a few options out there; bike bags, padded boxes, hard cases, plastic boxes, etc. They all suit various needs for different people; however there is one that you too many cyclists purchase without […]

Creative DIY Tips for your Enviro Bike Box

One of the great features of the Enviro Bike Box is that it’s 100% DIY friendly. Most of the time when you encounter travel cases they are rigid with no structural flexibility. Our Bike Boxes on the other hand can be dismantled into individual parts, and every single part can be replaced on it’s own so […]

Enviro Bike Box VS Cardboard Bike Cases

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking into buying a bicycle transport case and want to pick the best one. Short answer; pick the plastic board case. Here’s a more detailed list of why you should choose the Enviro Bike Box (plastic board case) over a cardboard case.   Enviro Bike Box Cardboard Bike Cases […]